PTCL EVO One Month Usage Free by Recharging EVO Account

(Last Updated On: 28/06/2018)

By Recharging your EVO account today you can win free usage of internet with evo for next month.

If any inactive EVO, Nitro, EVO Wi-Fi cloud and EVO TAB customers who have not recharged their prepaid device or paid their postpaid bills since Nov 1st 2011, can now recharge their accounts to get 100% Free balance equivalent to the card loading/ bill payment, for use in the next month.

PostPaid Customers:
For Post-paid customers Win Back offer:

  • Exemption of Previous outstanding dues
  • Pay current month’s bill and use the second month Free of charge.

PrePaid Customers:
For Pre-paid customers Win Back offer:

  • Recharge as per your specified package
  • 100% Free promotional balance equivalent to card loading valid for use in the next month.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is valid for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers
  • Offer is valid for all customers who have not recharged their devices or paid their bills since the 1st November 2011.
  • For postpaid customers all previous dues for the customer shall be exempted.
  • For Prepaid customers all customers eligible for the offer shall be automatically moved from “idle/inactive” state to “Active” state.
  • Offer is also applicable for Nitro, EVO Wi-Fi cloud and EVO Tab customers.

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  • when will ptcl start rewarding the customers that pay their bills in a timely manner. why do the consumers who abide, get short changed while all the people who stopped payments or have outstanding dues keep getting sweeter deals. 100% bonus credit?!?

    ptcl should reward the loyal customers with better deals (eg. loyalty program that reduces the tariff for every year you have been there), preferential bandwidth resources (eg. on the servers), or free credit (pay 5months get one month free)

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