New Mobile Connections (SIMs) Receivable on CNIC Addressees : Rehman Malik

The cellular industry has been flourished dramatically in Pakistan from the past few years. Carrying mobile in hand has become a status symbol in our society and those who rely on old and out dated mobile sets are termed as miser or poor. The easy access to mobile sets and SIMs has convinced a layman to feel its necessity and equipped him with this technology. The lack of check and balance in the sale of SIMs has created many issues for the users and might have increased the crime rate for few years.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was established to encourage the investment, innovation and optimum growth of the cellular sector and operator’s performance. None of the primary functions are being fulfilled and the users are worried due to the mounting taxes upon less using mobile SIMs. If you load a balance, share a balance, use internet or enjoy any subscription of sms packages and phone calls, you will have to pay a heavy tax. Despite the mounting taxes, the people prefer use more than one SIMs whose cellular company offers an economics sms, call or internet package for a day, a week or a month. Many rules have been introduced till now by the establishment in order to check the increasing crimes in the country which shows the simple access to mobile SIMs is a great factor of the dilemma
Serious issue of crime rate and mobile SIMs has been dealt by Interior minister Mr.Rehman Malik in such a way that it gives no wise sense to follow the instructions. According to his last press briefing, the shops, retailers and franchises would not be allowed to sell mobile phone SIMs from December 1st,2012; instead mobile phone operators will have to deliver SIMs at the customers; home addresses mentioned on the customers’CNICs. Another instruction for the users is to get registered SIMs before November 30th, or….he did not mention the or part yet. He gave a suggestion to mobile phone operators to open new offices to facilitate registration of SIMs. Due to security reasons, mobile phone operators will be directed to dispatch all new mobile SIMs to the customers’ home addresses given on their CNICs.
What about those people who do not live in their permanent home addresses and need new mobile SIM urgently. Similarly many issues have risen whose answer is not given or found by the high authorities. Some telecom officials have commented that this decision will impact the economy rather than facilitation or decreasing the crime. What do you think…o dear customer?


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