PTCL Broadband Double Student Package 1MB to 2MB

(Last Updated On: 18/08/2012)

PTCL launched a promotion to double data rate of 1 Mbps Student basic package customers to Student 2 Mbps without any additional charges till 30th Sep 2012. After the expiry of the promotional period, Student 2 Mbps Promo @ Rs. 1,299 will be applicable.
Subscribers who will opt out/revert on 1Mbps Student Basic will be charged Rs.1,099 per month.
This promotion will not be applicable for Broadband student Bundle package customers.

Student Basic Package:

  1. 1Mbps Student Basic Package @ Rs.1,099 per month
  2. 2Mbps Student Package Promo:
  3. 2Mbps Student Promo Package @ Rs.1,299 per month


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