Raisani’s Party Membership Perched

Todays  latest news has broken by the president of the PPP’s Kalat division ,Rafeeq Sajjad that Raisani has been suspended from Pakistan People’s Party membership today over his unremitting  violation against party policies from last four years.He gave the briefing that Raisani was not giving sufficient time to Quetta and he never addressed the issues of PPP workers there. Further more, PPP workers casted vote to Raisani ( April9,2008) but the chief minister was not serious to solve their problems while having power  in provincial government.Sajjad shared that the dwindling position of PPP in Balochistan was due to the actions and policies of Chief Minister Raisani.

Lets have a look on the political aspects of Raisani in the province.

“Degree is a degree! Whether genuine or fake,it’s a degree ,it makes no difference”,a statement  once shot a fame for Raisani’s spontaneous comment on the issue of his fake educational credentials last year. Restive Raisani was considered as the last Balochistan’s Chief Minister ,enjoying complete support of almost entire Balochistan Assembly for having given every member what he or she wanted. The reason of such smooth and untroubled running provincial government was his free hand to induct a team of ministers exceeding a certain limit.

“We are all one to serve the province and its people and this thing binds us together and often saves my part and the government from criticism,”once claimed Balochistan Mininster Ali Madad Jattak (PPP MPA) when the news reporter asked the secret of smooth province government.

Unlike provincial assembly of Punjab,Sind and  Khayber Pakhtoonkhwa, there was no leader of opposition in Balochistan assembly. Raisani as Chief Minister of Balochistan remained undaunted by the troubles in the province and always insisted the other provinces were not in rosy situation either. The size of his cabinet was 57 ministers and advisors. Few politicians like Mir Bakhtiar Domki, Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani and Yar Muhammad Rind formed the opposition benches but they stayed away from the legislature for different reasons.

Nawab Muhammad Aslam Khan Raisani has a high esteem in Balochistan because he is a chief of the Raisani tribe of the Sarwan area. He is also the President of the Chamber of Agriculture in Baluchistan and keeps an interest in developing the landed estates by introducing modern technology and agricultural methods. He has also a keen interest in preserving wildlife and is a lifetime member of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

As member of the Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Peoples Party, he has been elected as a member of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan four times. Being Chief Minister, he has been involved in several controversies such as he stated in mid-2012 that he holds a masters degree in political science, subsequently, the same year, he rejected allegations of corruption against him by asserting that there was nothing wrong with practicing. Since September  2012, there has been an increasing objection against Raisani, following his government’s failure to check and balance the poor law and order position in Blochistan and it has resulted in the mass murder of the Shiah Hazaras community.

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