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More than 100 Lawmakers in Pakistan are Fake Degree Holders

100+ Lawmakers in Pakistan are Fake Degree Holders

Recently a local newspaper has presented a doubt that over 100 Pakistani Lawmakers is fake degree holders. Surprisingly out of these 100, more than 35 belongs to Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, 21 members of Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf, 10 members of Pakistan People`s Party and 3 candidates of the Jamiat Ulema Islam Federation Seeing the figure, the educational record of these respective parliamentarians is to be brought in the court. According to resources, over 100 lawmakers from different political parties have been charged for holding fake degrees until now. Higher Education Commission better known as HEC stated that they are now focusing on scrutinizing the fake degrees very soon.

After the elections of May 11 2013, the fake degrees have either been sent to tribal for challenging or HEC for further investigation. After the general elections, more than 110 fake degrees have been submitted to HEC for Scrutiny and challenging. A few of them have been scrutinized with 30 cases still running on. Following these events, the Government of Pakistan have stated challenges towards fake degree holders in court while a few members of Pakistan People`s Party have reported to be part of the allegation. If these allegations are to be found truth then the respective member will lose his or her representation in the parliament.

Accused or proven guilty, this was troublesome news for the nations as their elected candidates had deceived the country by submitting fake educational certificates. Nothing less, the wrath of the court is to be brought on these deceivers. In order to prevent these frauds in the future for betterment of our country, it is crucial that strict steps should be taken by the court, education system and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan against both accused and guilty so no other parliamentarian will think of deceiving the system again.

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