9 Things Human Body do in 30 Sec

(Last Updated On: 24/05/2013)

No doubt human is best creature of the world and human body itself is miracle and if one ponder over body mechanism he will in no time realize that its the best thing ALLAH has created. Lets take a view what our body do in 30 secs and we don’t even know it. These facts have been taken after examining various humans.
1. An average human body generate 100 watt energy .
2. Average person breaths 8-10 times in half minute.
3. Produces 0.3 grams of carbon dioxide.
4. Our heart beats 36 times.
5. Produce 72 million red blood cells.
6. Our blood travels on average 4 miles.
7.  Our body Shed 174000 skin cells.
8. Our eyes blink 7 times.
9. 25 thoughts goes through our minds.

These are performed by the average human  body itself or we can say in computer terminology that  it’s the default settings of a human body. One can never know what is going inside his/her body. These are just few tasks that has been highlighted otherwise there are millions of things going on inside our bodies like the way our lungs and kidneys are working, the way our brain carries signals to our body parts, the way our eyes take image to our minds, the way our nose senses smell, the way our sneezing system works to push out irrelevant foreign particles. There is no doubt that a human body is master piece and a sign of GOD.

9 Things Our Body do in 30 Sec:

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