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After Laptop Distribution, Punjab Government will Distribute Scooters Among Girls

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 20/07/2013)

In Geo news it is announced that the ministry of education has announced that the after laptop initiative among students all over the Punjab the Punjab government will distribute scooters among girls. These scooter’s will help in going to school and when coming back from the School. Girls in Pakistan travel through buses, and buses are always full of people in the morning and girls find no space in the bushes at least they have to endure on the buses and they reach to School by standing on the omnibuses. They also arrested late in some cases but now the Punjab government will distribute Scooters in the girls.

This wills a great benefit for the young women.  Although it is a good initiative for young girls. This is good news for girls from the government of Punjab. These scooters will work on batteries and designed only for girls specially. This initiative has announced after the distribution of laptops and solar lamps among the scholars of the Punjab although this initiative is only for girls.These scooters will help the girls in travelling for their education. Ministry of education has also declared that these scooters will distributed in the year of 2013 and government discussed this plan with the companies who will manufacture these scooters.

During this year, there will be girls on skates all over the Punjab. This is a step toward liberalism and for the progress of the nation and is a step in respect of girls. This will be a good initiative of the government. Although the Punjab and Federal government both should concentrate on the issues that are serious and dangerous for Pakistan. There are so many other problems in Pakistan that need some attention of the government and scooters is not so essential but terrorism and load shading are serious issues at this time both these issues will be resolved as soon as possible instead of stars distribution. There is thing to be remarked that if these companies will work on batteries than what about recharging of batteries, government should think that how girls will recharge the batteries if there is zero load shedding in the country.

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