Ajab Gull Left Showbiz and Started Preaching Islam

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 30/11/2013)

Ajab Gul, another celebrity who couldn’t resist to go back to basics as he has left film and tv indusrty and started preaching Islam. Its the attraction of Islam which makes a person leave all worldly fame and give his wishes away. His only wish becomes that he should get so much pious that he satisfies Allah. Ajab Gull known for his great acting and direction skills started his showbiz journey back in 1984 and since then he remained part of many famous dramas and movies.

Ajab Gull completed Sehroza at Peshawar where he was seen in a dress that often Tableeghi’s wear. Befor Ajab Gull many other celebrities had left their fame and joined the way of where they will pure peace. Celebrities that left their careers and started preaching Islam are Junaid Jamshed, Saeed Anwar, Inzamam ul Haq, Ali Haider. Mohammad Yousaf had revert back to Isalm from Christianity. Micheal Jackson was also reported to have embraced Islam but his sister Janet Jackson reverted back to Islam and everybody knows that. Recently Carley Watts UK model also accepted Islam.

So there are many examples that where celebrities left their careers and started preaching Islam. Ajab Gul also directed a movie which got huge fame and that Khoye Ho Tum Kahan. Ajab Gul’s famous drama serial were Fareeb, chataan. Its very nice to see celebrities going back to their cores and start preaching Islam because their fans are inspired of them and they start thinking that if their favourite or ideal had gone back to Islam and started preaching it then they must also go to that path because if one can leave all the fame which he/she had earned over the years then why can’t a comon man follow the orders of Allah. We pray that may Ajab Gul to get more successful here in his new career.

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