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Ali Gul Pir New Election Song ''VIP''

Ali Gul Pir New Election Song ”VIP”

Ali Pir Gul, the whiz-kid of Pakistan, has released a new song, ‘’VIP”. It is inspired with the election 2013 fervor, which is why it is on-air at the time when election fever is on its peak. It’s his new single and like other songs, it is a satire on our society, where fake leaders are breeding at a high rate. The song shows us the worst picture of a leader a nation could ever afford. Its production director is the talented Fazal Iqbal while Jasir Abro and Hammed Khan have given its music.
VIP is a beautiful message-hidden song for all the voters and sincere citizens of Pakistan. It awakes them and requests them to remain awake while casting your precious vote. The nation needs such songs,  that could help them get some moral.
Ali Pir Gul aka ‘’Waderay ka Beta’’ has beautifully pictured a conventional so-called leader of Pakistan, who appears in front of the nation only at the time of voting or near elections and keep themselves always the whole five years. Near elections, the come back from their foreign abodes and promises their voters for solving their woes, but just after getting votes they change.

Ali Pir performs the role of a leader like that in this song, he is filthy rich. He has hi-fi security and his lifestyle is luxurious; he owns a huge property and promises to resolve all the problems of his voters after elections but these promises are fake as he has no intention like that. He just wants votes and his concern is only to do Business under the name of becoming a ‘’Loyal Leader’’.
In the song, Ali unveils all the evils of the Pakistani conventional leaders he is settled abroad, his children are even settled there. They return to Pakistan near elections. He is a stylish leader in the song, and he calls his style as Governmental Style; which is ironical and means that he has made money and style with the money of the poor Pakistani public. He owes them money because he became filthy rich but in return of these public luxurious, he has no will to give back the best of him to his nation.
This thrilling song is a gift for all the voters at this crucial time of elections. We must pay heed to his message hidden in this latest song which is both awakening and entertaining.

Ali Gul Pir AKA ‘wadairay ka beta’ new election song:

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