Ali Safina & Hira Tareen Got Engaged

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(Last Updated On: 01/05/2013)

Ali Safina aka Taaka, Pakistan’s favourite radio, video and disc jockey is now a groom-to-be to jack of all trades, the gorgeous Hira Tareen. They were best friends. And now their friendship has taken the shape of an even stronger relation marriage.
Ali Safina is now a traditional Pakistan hero kind, he is different rather. His boyish looks make him even handsomer. He is a tall boy with gruff voice. He is soft, friendly, and quirky unlike the typical complicated young gentlemen of Pakistani drama industry.  He is popular among all: oldies, youngster and children. Ali is even a musician. He was born in Multan on 18th December. He is from Glasgow but a typical Punjabi from inside. Hence the Gung-ho Punjabi dragged him all the way from overseas to Pakistan Media Industry where he met his future wife, Hira Tareen.

Hira is a well-celebrated hottie of Pakistan fashion industry. She has got multiple talents like her groom-to-be Ali: so she is a video jockey, fashion diva, actor, host, choreographer and make-up stylist at the same time. Hira is a foreign face from Dallas but a catchy one. In 1993, she visited Karachi and got inspired by her sister modelling shoots. This was the time; she decided to join modelling as a profession in Pakistan. Here she met the charming Ali, after a long friendship, Ali popped her question which she agreed and now the duo is merry-making these days and planning their Big Day celebrations.
Their marriage is expected in late December 2-13, as there is a lot to prepare on their behalf. The couple is seen many times hand in hand together, giggling and having fun for two years, but this year they decided to turn their friendship into a proper relation. The engagement ceremony was small yet decent and sober.
Ali Safina and Hira Tareen, both make n awesome couple, their big day picture is wonderful, in which Hira is wearing a nice pink duppatta and tikka with light make over like a traditional Pakistani bride, and Ali also looked dazzling with his fiancé. Now soon we will see ‘’Takky ki Ayegi Barat” in December 2013.
Ali Safina & Hira Tareen Engagment Pictures:

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