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Anti Terrorism Force Recruiting will Begin Next Month

Anti Terrorism Force Recruiting will Begin Next Month

Terrorism is a dangerous and serious issue for the public of Pakistan and Government is taking various necessary actions in this matter to solve this issue. The recruiting of anti terrorism force procedure is being started soon and citizens of Pakistan can participate in this process to provide security and safety to public. This force will be prepared with some specific trainings programs for making security of public certain and obvious in the social order.
In the same way, various benefits and compensations are also offered for those candidates who are gaining success in anti terrorism force recruiting procedure and this procedure will begin next month. A high salary is offered in this force which is mentioned as seventy five thousands per month according to the reports about anti terrorism force. Qualification for the member of this force is mentioned as B. A, physical fitness test will also be performed for examining the medical position and performance of candidates.
All things will be performed by considering of merit and capabilities; this caring behaviour in recruiting procedure  is also a sign of bringing peace in the country with certainty as skilled candidates should come and participate in this procedure for serving the nation and country.
Young graduates should take proper interest in this matter by completion of all documents to proceed further. This opportunity is also same and equal for male and female candidates without any difference and divergence.

  • Age Limit 18 to 25
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches (women)
  • Height: 5 feet 7 inches (men)
  • Eye side  6/6(with Glasses)
Anti Terrorism Force Recruiting Add
Anti Terrorism Force Recruiting Add


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