Apple Ipad Five vs. Microsoft Surface pro Two Review

In this year, apple & Microsoft are coming to market with their new features and shapes.Both companies that are apple and Microsoft have introduced new models. Apple is known for its quality, to surprise the people with its different and amazing properties while Microsoft known by its high speed and quality features. Both models Ipad five & Surface pro have different and unique features. Microsoft always works on the base of future tablets. People always like to have device, which can perform different tasks at a same time & want to use a device, which can work according to the requirements of the uses.

Microsoft works on the principal of future tablets or models of the surface beyond the core i5. The latest model of the Microsoft dubbed two times and is known as surface plus. As compared to the Microsoft future model beyond core iPad 5, the apple is coming with a new model of the iPad 5 with quad processor in it. New model of the surface that is iPad 5 has a quad processor in it. Both new and coming models have a wireless charging patterns. Microsoft can work on the low standard internet connection that is WI-FI while the apple can work on any other connection. Coming Microsoft will be the new tablet for makers to use high speed at low power WI-FI connection. A new apple model that covers the new smart cover of previous models can houses the new inductive transmitter patterns. In all models, the most appealing thing that user like when he buys new thing is the screen of the device. Every user likes to use a device with a clear and shiny screen.

Apple Ipad five vs. Microsoft Surface pro two
Apple Ipad five vs. Microsoft Surface pro two

The user wants to see clear images of all things on the screen, so screen is the most important factor that matters in determining the features and quality of the device. The IPad coming model has a screen of 9.7 inches. In its previous two models also have the same resolution. The new coming mode of the Microsoft has a screen of 7 inches and with its next new model. It will be against the Google nexus 7 and iPad mini. The new coming model of the apple has a retina display which can be used  to see the pixel of any person which is at a small distance from the device  While Microsoft has no such feature of the retina. The data storage equality of the iPad 5 is 16/32/64 and 128 GB while Microsoft new model will have the same storage ability as its previous iPad 5. The new model of the apple upgraded than previous ones it is going to upgrade towards IOS 7. The surface pro also upgraded as window 8.1. If we talk about cameras of the both sets than it is clear that iPad 5 has a camera of 8 megapixels. It is rear-facing camera, which will improve the quality of the tablet short. Both coming devices have unique qualities and can dominate each other due to their features.

Ipad five vs. Surface pro two
Apple Ipad five vs. Microsoft Surface pro2


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