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Atrium Cinema Karachi

Atrium Cinema Karachi

Walt Disney says,” Movies can do and have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.”
And the best place to watch a movie is a cinema. Since cinemas are meant to watch movies there.  World’s second most populated city, Karachi is a place where many of movie-lovers exist. Atrium Cinema fulfills this demand. Atrium is the second name of Fun with full fantasy.
It awakes your imaginations at once, just after stepping inside it. The majesty, the grandeur it owns is inexpressible. The picture watching experience at Atrium, Karachi is wonderful and it could only be understood by those who had it.
“Atrium” means spacious. Atrium Karachi is indeed in a vast space. It has more than 2 halls. It’s probably the pioneer cinema in the history of Pakistani cinemas that are presenting 3D and 2D movies at the same time. They also offer 3D glasses for a real-time experience. It is the metro first 3D cinema which is very encouraging for the future of entertainment. It’s a revolt in the country’s entertainment industry.

Atrium is situated in the heart of main Saddar Karachi, so people from any side could reach it any time. The wide, gigantic halls are fun and a sample of innovation in terms of design. Atrium is a masterpiece of modern architecture. They are specially stylized to attract audiences. Another bonus point of its site; that it is surrounded with some of the best city restaurants and hotels. So there is no tension for late shows and celebrations; you can go to any eatery of your choice when you want to before or after the show.
There are full marks for the equipment and technology used at Atrium for its spectators. Its policies are also visitor-friendly. The rates and taxes atrium charges are also reasonable so that everyone could enter in the new era of entertainment.
Critic’s comments about Atrium are very interesting to share. They say that Atrium is truly responsible for balancing Pakistani entertainment with that of foreigners’. People welcome this kind of trend in our country for Atrium is personification of revival, renovation and reproduction of pictures. It has drawn many film-lovers attention because if quality presentations.

Atrium Karachi Cinema:

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  2. Atrium Cinema is best in Karachi 🙂

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