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Bahria Town and US Group to Build $ 20 Billion Island City in Karachi

Bahria Town investors are going to bring a revolt in the history of Pakistan real estate and investment industry. They have signed a gigantic project which is worth $ 20 Billion with the help of a United States well-known investment group. The aim of this project is to build a great Island city which they called “Bodha City”, in Karachi near the sea. On Monday, March 11th 2013, Famous Pakistani business tycoon & Bahria Town‘s chairman Malik Riaz Hussain and US famous investor Mr. Thomas Kramer signed this project, which they called “Memorandum of Understanding.” (MoU)

According to the ‘’Memorandum of Understanding’’ both the companies would invest to build an Island city along with certain other infrastructure tasks, such as education city, cyber city, port city, health city, and so on. A Bahria Town’s official said that this project would take five to ten years to complete. The city would be three to five kilometer away from the shore. He said that they would construct the” World’s Latest Shopping Mall” in the Island city. This mall would deal with International products only.
The future Island City would change the destiny of Karachi and the people of Karachi. The project would open millions of job opportunities for them. The Karachi city would improve from that of today, as it would help reduce terrorism and violence from the city. The new city would be linked to Karachi via a six-lane bridge. Bahria Town is also aiming to make “World’s Tallest Building” in the Bodha city. This project would help in empowering the people of Pakistan.
Malik Riaz Hussein showed his keen interest in making this project a success, and starting more projects like this all over Pakistan. He said that he promises the nation to bring more investment to Pakistan to turn Pakistan into an advanced country.
This project would also help Pakistan‘s economy to improve. It would help eradicate poverty to a large extinct. It would also help in making Karachi beach a famous “Tourist Attraction”. Hence, it is a great sign of luck and fortune to the Pakistani generations. Pakistan really needs such projects and such investment. The future of Pakistan would change with the opening of such projects.

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