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Battle Between Veena Malik & Sheikh Rasheed

(Last Updated On: 26/11/2013)

Things have taken a very serious turn between Veena Malik and Sheikh Rasheed.  The comment of Veena Malik really made Sheikh Rasheed angry. All this started when Veena Malik out of nowhere came up with news that famous Pakistani politician Sheikh Rasheed had offered her a cup of coffee and she has said no for that. This news went viral on electronic, print and social media and reached Sheikh Sb with in no time. In reply of that Sheikh Rasheed said in a TV program that he actually hates such kind of people who becomes source of disrespect for the country and has nothing to do with the dignity of the country and Veena is one of them and I hate her

. The program got on air and surely Veena got the reply of Mr. Rasheed. Upon that she was asked again by media that what will she say about the comments of Sheikh Sb , the bold and beautiful actress came up with a reply that it is the rejection that caused a lot of pain to Mr. Rasheed and he couldn’t bear my “NO” to his offer of Coffee and that’s the reason he is angry on me. She further said that it would good if Sheikh Sb comes up with the original reason behind all the hate and anger that he has inside for me and that is I refused his offer of Coffee. Well a comment war has begun between Sheikh Rasheed and Veena Malik both are very well known for their speaking powers let’s see who wins the battle.

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