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Biggest 3D Cinema of Pakistan Opened

Biggest 3D Cinema of Pakistan Opened

Pakistani Cinemas are getting attention again as the trend of going to cinema halls has again increased after a long era. The reason behind increase in people going to cinema has two reasons behind it number one is that bollywood movies have been allowed to run in Pakistani cinemas and second Pakistan film industry has started to make some great movies like Waar, Zinda Bhaag, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Josh. Such great movies have attracted the many towards cinemas all over the country.

Still there is lot of roam for improvement as our cinemas had faced a dark era and lack of business that’s why the condition of cinemas in Pakistan is not appreciateble but now as the cinemas is making business the owners have started to improve the cinema hall to attract more and more people to their cinema. Some cinemas in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi are up to date but such cinemas are very rare.

Another sensation or improvement in film industry is 3D movies which really have given the movies a new look and that has been appreciated very much throughout the country a lot and have dragged a big number viewers to the cinemas. Looking at such big success and craze in people to watch 3D movies now 3D cinemas are point of concentration for cinema owners. In this regard a 3D cinema have been opened in Karachi which is the biggest 3D cinema in Pakistan so far.

The cinema is opened in “The Palace Mall Lahore” the cinema consists of 3 silver screens and 5 theaters. The cinema has capacity of 1100 persons and that makes it biggest cinema in country.

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