Zong Postpaid Offer ”BizXcess”

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 05/05/2013)

The technology world is prospering rapidly these days. Progress has no limits now. The mobile technology and mobile networking is a genuine example. Mobile phone networks keep introducing new services to ease their customers. It has two advantages; users get comfortable as well as it gives immense benefits to the service providers too. BizXcess is also a newly presented postpaid service of Pakistan’s renowned network,” Zong”.
In Zong’s opinion, this postpaid service is established for giving simple connectivity solutions and better communication at comparatively less rates and better services. It is latest and competitive that the subscribers will surely enjoy.
Mr. Fan Yunjun is the CEO of Zong, and when he was asked to speak out about BizXcess, he said that they always want to co-operate their client by giving those best of the best. So in launching BizXcess, we kept this top priority in mind. Mr. Fan is very optimistic about the user responses of BizXcess.

For Zong, all its customers are valuable and so are their choices and preferences. It always keeps them on the foremost place as all customers deserve. Hence all packages of BizXcess are designed in such a way that mobile usage will become a memorable, hassle-free and exciting experience for all Zong lovers.
BizXcess is equiped with certain wonderful proposals, such as enterprise solutions. It includes polling campaign management, end-to-end telemetry services and so on. BizXcess also offers customer care services, 24/7 One link ATM, online banking, and easy to use monthly billing. It also includes various payment options for assistance of its honorable subscribers.
Zong BizXcess has certain billing options so that users could choose favorable option to pay back. It’s a great option because billing via only one channel does not necessarily suits every one.
Its offers are unlimited which is a proof of its brilliance, like EconoXcess, ProXcess and SmartXcess. it s up-to selector now to select the most suitable tariff plan for him. Zong is the best mobile network that emerged on earth. It is committed to supreme services and excellent networking. After five years of flawless services in Pakistan, now its latest postpaid launch has proved that customers are satisfied with it.

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