British Born Pakistani Producer to Record Britney Spears Comeback Album

Well Pakistan’s talent can be found across the globe, specially last month Shahid Khan bought an England football club “Fulham’ which surprised everybody as English Premier League is far away from Pakistan’s approach and a Pakistani investor ended up buying the whole club. Now another British born Pakistani have come in to action as he is going to produce/record britney Spears comeback album and he already has shoot one song that will be released soon.

Name of that Pakistani is Shahid Khan and known as naughty boy well that’s a coincidence that name of both the investors is Shahid Khan. Britney Spears singing career have remained pretty inconsistent and specially after marriage she really has suffered a lot. a time came when everybody thought that now its end of her career as she had put on lot of weight and was down and out due to her marriage failure. But she did backed herself up and really made some serious efforts to come back to industry she reduced her weight worked a lot on her fitness.

Britney got very famous from her song “opps i did it again”. Another song about which many people say that it’s about  her personality and life that is “Over protected” was also a big hit. The lovely actress have fans all around the world, specially her own country people loves her a lot as she has die hard fans. Fans across the globe wants to see lovely and beautiful singer back on track. In bringing her back to music industry a Pakistani boy is helping out by producing and recording her comeback album. Shahid Khan runs  a production company by the name of “Naughty Boy Recordings”.  He also singed a 3 year  contract with Sony ATV. Shahid khan is very excited to work with Britney Spears as every producer would love work with lovely lady. Lets hope this album becomes a mega success for both Britney and Shahid.

Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.

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