East Side Story ”Daru Di Botle”

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(Last Updated On: 28/06/2018)

East Side Story is the Lahore based band which consists of two members. The vocalist of this band is Tariq Gujjar as TG King and other member Casim Mahmood taking his part in the band as playing Guitar and Harmonium. Tariq is a lawyer by profession while Casim is a very talented guy because he has done lot of things during his life. Before making the band both guys spend their number of years for learning the basic of music and about creating music. The focus of the band is to create a unique blend of Punjabi folk and the blues with the excellent use of instruments. When the band uploaded their debut single “Daru Di Botal” in 2011 on You tube then they have not even any fan page on Facebook or even any official website at that time but they received a massive response on You tube as the number of people viewed their video and liked their work. Even the renowned American guitarist Bob Brozman encouraged the band at that time as well. Tariq and Casim both are good friends so that is why they both complement each other to create great effect on their music.

The band created their second single with name “Mela” few days ago and through this song they actually give tribute to Ash Singh Mastana. In this song both Tariq and Casim stayed in their basic music like for the Punjabi folk and for the Blues as well. Both members of the band feel that they have done justice with song as this song seems ok while listening and they are hoping that people liked this song like their previous song. The band is hoping that in the future they will recognize themselves as one of the top bands in Pakistan due to their unique work and different music. In their recent interview, members of East Side Story band talk about their future plans in which they mentioned that they want to stick their folksy theme and want to do their experience within their limits. Although they have not talked much about their upcoming tracks but they revealed that that they have some singles in the pipeline. They also told that they are planning to launch their first album in 2013. Any person who like East Side story band and wants to know about this band and about members of this band that he or she should visit fan page about this band on Facebook.

East Side Story: Daaru Di Botal

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