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ECP Took Notice of Imran Khan’s Abusive Language For Sharif Brothers

(Last Updated On: 27/04/2013)

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) today on 27th of April, 2013 took notice of Imran Khan’s (PTI Chairman) use of abusive language for Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) head Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shehbaz Sharif. Imran Khan used the word ‘Geedar’ which means jackal and it is used to denote a person who is coward. Imran Khan started to use this word in his speeches in election 2013 campaign quite regularly after PML-N leaders made fun of his challenge for a TV debate. On records Imran Khan stated on Friday that Sharif brothers will be acting as jackals if none of them accept his challenge for a debate on Television. He was quoted as “Oh Mian Sahab, Jackals cannot be leaders. Mian Sahab, show some courage”. It has been repeated several times during his addresses to the audience.

On some other occasions, PTI Chief Imran Khan called Shehbaz Sharif “Showbaz Sharif” and the Chairman of ECP is likely to discuss the issue of abusive personal attacks with Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday in a meeting. The chairman also has reportedly been contacting Television channels to get his hands on the recordings showing Imran Khan uttering these words in his election campaign speeches and addresses.

According to ECP sources, Imran Khan during his speech in Bahawalpur rally, used objectionable and offensive words for Nawaz Sharif and Chairman ECP Fakhruddin Ibrahim is likely to have a thorough investigation on the speech to assess whether it was offensive or not.

Election commission of Pakistan on Friday released a notification stating that all the political parties and their candidates should restrain from personal attacks on opposing candidates.

Election campaigns are in full swing these days and all major parties are holding rallies and opposing candidates are criticizing each other. It is not something out of the blue to come up with a situation where candidates call each other with such names.

Dr. Sherin Mazari of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf spoke to the media and she said that Imran Khan is criticizing the policies of two major parties in the Government. Sharif brothers also criticized Imran Khan and said that Imran Khan is talking in Asif Ali Zardari’s language. They claimed that same person is behind the written speeches of President Asif Ali Zardari and Imran Khan.

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