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Ek Larki Pagal Pagal Si Hum TV Drama Serial

Ek Larki Pagal Si Hum TV Drama Serial

Imaan & Rumi are two friends. Though both come from a different set up and lifestyle but still they are good chums. One of them hails from upper class while the other belongs from lower class. Nature-wise they are as different as the North and South Pole, yet their friendship is praise-worthy. Iman is a selfless and genuine person but Rumi is her opposite. She is fake and an opportunist.  She is kind of jealous by her friend’s way of life. Her dreams are big and fanciful but to make them come true she could go to any limit. She is ready to cross any limit for making her rich and wealthy even at the rate of her friend’s life & love!
Iman is betrothed to Affan, who is a nice guy and loves her so much. Rumi is impressed by her friend’s fiancé, Affan and tries to win his heart by useless means. Affan marries Iman but the misunderstandings created by Rumi spoil their relation. Will Affan and Iman ever become one once again? This is the plot of a new drama serial “Ek Larki Pagal Pagal Si”.

Hum TV is always known for its standard programs and dramas. “Ek Larki Pagal Pagal Si” is one of its appealing presentations that viewers really admired. Its story, direction and production; all are skillfully presented.
Pakistani dramas are very popular for its strong storylines. “Ek Larki Pagal Pagal Si” also has an attractive storyline written by Riffat Humayun. Saifi Hassan has directed it while its producer is MNM Company.
Azfar Rahman, famous model and director is playing the role of Iman’s spouse; and “Meri Ladli Fame” Urwa Hocane and Areej Fatima are ‘’Iman” and “Rumi” in the play. Other stars of this serial are Seemi Pasha, Nadeem Shaikh, Hina Altaf, Seema Sehar, Shahid Naqvi and many more.
Story: Rizwana Prince
Writer: Riffat Humayun
Direction: Saifi Hasan
Production: MNM Productions
Cast: Azfar Rehman, Urwa, Areej Fatima, Naeem Shaikh,
Seemi Pasha, Hina Altaf, Seema Sehar, Shahid Naqvi.

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