Facebook Friendship Results 13-Years Old Boy Kidnapped

Social media has become an important part of life for those people who use internet. Facebook is one of the websites that has played an important role for the social media to creep into our lives. It allows you to make new friends and keep yourself updated about those friends. Making new friends has never been that easy.

But while you make new friends, you must not trust them readily. If you trust them before you give the relationship some time and get to know each other very well, it could prove to be dangerous. This is the story of such an incident where 13 years old Mustafa made a new friend on Facebook. Mustafa is the resident of New Town and the name of his new friend was Arsalan.

Mustafa told the news sources, that the friendship was only 6 months old and this friendship was made at the platform of Facebook. On 24th of May, Mustafa went to Defence Phase 4 to meet his new friend Arsalan. This was the time when Mustafa was kidnapped by Taimoor, who was the elder brother of Arsalan.

A ransom of 5 Crore PKR was being demanded by the kidnappers. AVCC and CPLC in a combined effort managed to arrest Arsalan’s elder brother Taimoor from Defence. On his report, Mustafa was recovered and during the process, 4 kidnappers were killed trying to resist and Taimoor was also hit on his feet in the cross fire with the police. Two policemen got injured during this whole cross fire.

Mother of Mustafa after this incidence appealed to all the parents to keep their children away from computer and Facebook so that they can save their children from what happened to them and Mustafa.

Although crimes cannot be stopped fully neither can children be kept away from computer because computer is becoming necessary in all fields of the future and children must learn to operate computer, but the best thing parents can do is to keep a strict eye on their children and their activities. This way many problems can be avoided by the parents.


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