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Four sisters commits Suicide over Dowry

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 29/09/2013)

Death due to dowries is a common trend in Pakistan now. Due to poverty and low financial conditions people are not able to give dowry to their daughters and girls cannot be getting married because they cannot afford dowries. In Pakistan the illiterate people make a list of all household things and even more than household and give this list to the parents of girls and demand all things mentioned in the list, they said that if you can afford all these things then our boy can marry your daughter but if you cannot afford than we are sorry. This is the thing due to which all people of lower class parents are worried because they have to marry their daughter. Mailsi is a town in the rural southern part of Punjab province recently in this village of city Multan four sisters kill themselves because their father cannot afford dowry. Girls kill themselves because they know that it is hard to afford a dowry for father so they decide to kill themselves.

Malik Daud Hasnain, who is a senior police official of Multan city told AFP that “A poor farmer named Bashir Ahmed Rajput, could not marry his five daughters because he had no money to offer dowry, so his daughters threw themselves in the canal after arguing with the father and pulled themselves in water to end their lives. It is also said that the age of women was between 25 to 40. They become desperate after the issue of their marriages and dowry so all sisters pulled themselves in the canal.

A dowry for weddings is a serious issue for poor families in the subcontinent in Pakistan especially and many women are unable to marry because their relatives cannot afford the gifts and money demanded by grooms’ families. This thing is against the rules of Islam. The usual age of marriage for girls is between the age 18 to 28 but all these sisters are above these age limits and they cannot find proper grooms for his daughters and now some months ago he find grooms for his daughters and he was about to marry his daughters but when grooms and his families demand more dowry he discuss this issue with his daughters and all sisters decide to kill themselves so all jumped into the canal and died. Malik Daud Hasnain told to the press that the dead bodies of the young Fatima and two others are rescued and they are trying to find the dead bodies of the other two sisters also. In this era unmarried girls cannot live successfully and she has to face the scorn from neighbors and relatives. They need financial support from their husband but when they don’t find safety and protection from dishearten views of neighbors and relatives they find death and suicide the best thing so they act upon. Dower is the series problem for poor families and for parents who have more daughters. It is the thing to be remembered that dowry is strictly prohibited in Islam. 

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