Gauhar Khan Conquers Bigg Boss7

(Last Updated On: 31/12/2013)

Indian media have become copycats and it copies everything that gets famous in the west. In the same way Indian media took the concept from the world famous show Bigg Boss. It was the bigg boss seventh season and it really was hell crazy. A lot of drama was seen in the show. It really have created many bigg boss fans.

The seventh season was really on hot from the very first episode when two of bigg boss members were given the power to chose who will live in Heaven portion and who will live in hell portion of the house. Indeed very smart work of the think tanks of bigg boss. They very beautifully created conflicts between the members on the very first day. Initially 14 contestants started the show and later on 5 wild card entries were made and the wild wild card entry was Ajaz Khan.

What a contestant he has been a true entertainer. Bigg boss home somehow now known for lovebirds as well. It’s the second consecutive year when two of the contestants fell in love with each other during the show. Last year it was Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel who fell for each other on the show and this year it was Gauhar and Kushaal who find love for each other. Lots of ups and downs were noticed during the show.

The war between Arman and Ajaz added fuel to the fire it was great watching these two going head to head. Gauhar was one of the strongest contestants during the show she was loud during the show. The other silent but strong contestant was Tanisha but she remained obedient to Arman all the way. In the end it was Gauhar who came to the top and one big boss 7.

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