Health & Fitness Tips in Ramadan


In this hot and long summer, there is a fast of almost 15 or more hours. Therefore, for the purpose to ensure a healthy Ramadan one should follow the health care tips.

  • Drink plenty of water before SAHARI it will prevent you from dehydration that is common in summer especially in Ramadan. Limit your working hours (physical activity)
  • Eat easily digestive foods in AFTAR avoid fatty foods. Try to eat fruits that are rich in fiber and carbohydrates as high fiber foods help in weight reduction
  • Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables because these are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, fibers, minerals that give you a feeling of satisfaction at AFTAR and helps you to avoid PAKORAS, SAMOSAS and other fatty foods. Always eat according to your body requirements and never try to skip SAHARI.
  • Take exercise for one hour after hours of AFTAR so that your digestion process completes. Exercise is very essential in RAMADAN. Walking, running, playing is a good exercise in RAMADAN.
  • Women usually forgot their skin due to their busy routine in RAMADAN, and their skin becomes dull and rough so women should take care of their skin in the month of RAMADAN.

  • Clean your skin daily with good quality moisture. Cleansing give tones to your skin, protect your skin from damage due to dehydration, and give it freshness. Apply toner on the skin and then moisturize it on the face and neck. Buy some creams especially for Ramadan that made of vitamins especially vitamin E cream. Vitamin E is very important for the skin so try to eat fruits rich with vitamin E.
  • Ladies should use fruits in Ramadan and avoid fatty foods because they are more sensitive about skin and there are more chances of skin dryness in Ramadan so drink plenty of water to prevent your skin from dullness. Water adds a glow to the skin as well as increase the flow of the blood.
  • It is seen mostly in Ramadan that dark circles around the eyes of women develop due to weakness and less use of water. Women are usually crazier of fatty foods so they eat more PAKORAS, samosas, chicories etc. In Ramadan, as a result, their weight increases and skin become rough. Therefore, they should take care of this to look healthy at EID.
  • Vegetables are the most important source of all essential nutrients so more use of vegetables keeps your skin glowing and maintenance of good health.
  • During a fast of 15 hours, their body utilizes stored nutrients in the body so use of fruits and vegetables prevents you from deficiency of any essential nutrient. Use of more water before and after the AFTAR also helps in the replenishment of lost nutrients.
  • Body’ immunity decreases due to the loss of nutrients by the body so eat meats in a limited amount so that your body can defend against viral infections. Eggs, fish, mutton, chicken are foods that increase the immunity of the body. Attempt to reduce outdoor activities to prevent your skin from sunrays that can damage the skin. Nevertheless, it is not possible for males and working women so they should use a good quality sun block.

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