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Heather Schmid American Female Singer's 5 Findings About Pakistanis

Heather Schmid American Female Singer’s 5 Findings About Pakistanis

(Last Updated On: 24/05/2013)

The lovely Heather Schmid an American female singer who have so much love for Pakistan deep inside and she is now expressing in every possible way. The Blonde singer has written about 5 things that she find out in Pakistanis by the title of “5 things you don’t know about Pakistanis on her website and also have updated that on  her Facebook Page. This American singer obsessed with Pakistan and things related to Pakistan, she love the Pakistani marriages she love the hospitality she loves the spicy food of Pakistan she loves the respect that people of Pakistan give to their elders. Well coming back her article on website and face book status 5 things you don’t know about Pakistanis are:

1. Pakistani Passion:

she explains it by saying that she loves the intensity with which Pakistani’s loves every aspect of their country and says Pakistani nation is full of life and they are not a shy nation.

2. Pakistani Hospitality:

She elaborated about Pakistani hospitality by telling that one feels to be in like living in her own family. Pakistani people are open hearted people and they have brave heart and are Zinda dil people. They still welcome the world with open arms.

3. Talent/ Intelligence:

Heather has found Pakistani people and asserted that they now ground realities of the world and one find a lot of talented and smart pepole in Pakistan.

4. Pakistan Fun Loving Nature:

The lovely blonde singer found Pakistani to be free, positive, fun loving and upbeat. she loves the way marriages and basant is celebrated in and celebrations Pakistan cricket team winning.

5. Caring:

Heather loves how elders are repected in Pakistan and how everybody is called uncle and aunty. She loves the cultural respect of elders which really refreshes her, older people have titles and parent not being called by their names. Chairties are not mentioned and she gave example of Edhi.

All above 5 points fasinates her about Pakistan and made her fell in love with Pakistan and Pakistanis and in love of Pakistan and to share her feelings with country she is making a video song by name of “Phele hum Pakistan hain, Pakistan Zindabad” that will be released on 14th August.


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