Heather Schmid Want to Sing for Pakistan

The American singer Heather Schmid is wants to sing a song for Pakistan due to her love for the country. The blonde singer is very impressed by Pakistani culture and life style. She says that back in American when we watch news channels we only see Pakistan as a country where bombs explode and law and order situation is very weak but it is not like this. She said she wants to show the real image of Pakistan to the world through her video song “Pehle Hum Pakistani Hain, Pakistan Zindabad”. The release date of the video is 14th August 2013.

A Six episode program will also be shot showing how the video was made. The video will show how Heather fell in love with Pakistan. Heather said that she  really like Sabzi Mandi, whenever she visit Pakistan she  force her husband to take her to Sabzi Mandi, she love the marriage and mehandi functions of Pakistan.The tall blonde singer also told that whenever she is coming to Pakistan her friends and relatives tries stop her from coming here, she now wants to send message via her video that Pakistan is a lovely place .

Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.

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