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How to Block Stolen / Lost Mobile Phone in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 19/10/2013)

Mobile theft is nothing new when it comes to Pakistan. Mobile theft and snatching is getting common with every passing day. If you are one of those who got their mobile either snatched or stolen, it is natural that you would wish that if you cannot use your mobile, no one else should do it as well.

Here is the solution to your problem. First of all when you buy a new mobile, dial the number *#06# and you will get a number. This number is known as IMEI number of your mobile set. IMEI number is unique in every GSM mobile set. It can also be found underneath the battery of your mobile or on the warranty card as well. If you don’t find it underneath the battery or on warranty card, just dial *#06# and you will have the IMEI number. Note down this number with you and keep it safe.

In case your mobile set is stolen or lost, you can use IMEI number to block the phone set. Every GSM network in the country uses this IMEI number to identify that a valid device is used by the customer to benefit from their network. If the mobile is stolen or lost, the original owner of the mobile set can access authorities and tell them that the device is no longer with him and can request them to block the mobile set. The authority will direct the network operators that the device is not valid anymore.

In Pakistan you can send Email to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) at [email protected] or you can send your request on Fax at 021-35683336.

You can also call the following authorities on the given numbers in order to block the mobile set from operating in Pakistan.

CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee) 021-35662222

Police (Rescue 15) 15

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) 0800-25625

They will ask you to provide them with some basic information along with IMEI number of your lost or theft mobile set.


Online complaints can be registered at http://www.cplc.org.pk/theft_form.php



  1. My mobile stolen. i went to bolock this mobile plz help me and bolock my mobile . IMEI NO:352271090041873

  2. Assalam o alikum,, sir am an Indian. Is it works in India also ? some one theft my laptop it's a new laptop . I heard there are some tools to change the EMI number also is it true ? pls let me know.

  3. Muhammad Usman

    Assalam o alikum, sir two mobiles has been stolen having IMEI No. 351853074798970
    and 359531040128020.Please blocke these mobile as soon as possible.
    Thanks for consideration
    Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

  4. sir mera mobile block kardein plz chori ho gaya hai Qmobile w80 dual sim IMEI NO (1st) : 357465070061654 –
    (2nd) : 357465075061659 – please sir meri kaafi personal cheezein thi families parties picnic wagera ki pics thi videos thi kaafi important contact numbers they. please block my cell phone as soon possible sir.

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