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How to Make Your Skin Clean & Beautiful

A skin that looks clean, smooth and shiny without any skin disorder is considered a normal skin. A good looking and beauty skin is obtained by taking regular care of skin. Now adapts there are so many facial creams and masks available that people apply at their skin to get the skin beautiful. Homemade remedies are very good for skin. one of them is given below take two table spoons of sandalwood in a glass jar then add two spoons of glycerin in it then add fresh younger so same quantity then add one spoon of dried orange peel powder the add one spoon of lemon juice in it and then add a very little pinch of turmeric powder in it and mix it well until it become smooth paste and becomes like cream then add a little amount of water in it and apply it daily on face especially before going to bed you will see the difference in few days this is used, if you wants better results than wash your face with lukewarm water and then apply it and massage it gently  and for 10 mints remove it with cotton cloth and wash the face with cool water and apply rose water on the skin, if you wants it will give more better results.

Someone can repeat this process two times a week it will give your skin a fair complexion with lighter and brighter skin. Another remedy that is used at home is same like above but it is somewhat different and can be used easily at homes. Mix egg white, honey lemon, papaya, potato, sandalwood, tomato juice, cucumber and saffron and mix these entire thing and make a spate of all these and apply gently on the skin. Yoga is a very easy and simple remedy that makes your skin brighter and lighter. Getting allowing and shiny skin is the desire of every one.in developing countries a fair skin has become huge craze of every one, everyone wants to get affair and a beautiful skin, although people of countries other than Pakistan are not giving attention to their skins and are going towards artificial things to get a blowing skin. Use of cucumber at home is very useful for the skin and it is available at homes easily cut it into round circles and keeps the pieces on the face one can the difference in a week.

There are different remedies that are used for different kinds of skins ,for persons with oily skin a solution of lemon juice, rose water and potato juice is very beneficial apply it on the skin by using cotton swab and gently apply it to the face and neck and allow it to dry. For persons with dry skin a solution of milk with honey is very beneficial and it improves the color of skin. Use of water is very essential for the skin it automatically improves the color of skin. Homemade cleansers are available and are useful for the skin, yogurt, milk, cucumber, potato juice are very good cleansers for the skin.


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