Islamabad in Top ten unfriendliest cities of World

(Last Updated On: 16/11/2013)

Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad is in the top 10 list for not something we should feel proud of. Islamabad lies on 2nd position in the world’s top ten unfriendliest cities.

A travel magazine “Conde Nast Traveler” held this poll and the users voted for the world’s most friendliest and unfriendliest cities.

Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is 2nd in the most unfriendliest cities list beating only Newark, New Jersey. The full list of Top ten unfriendliest cities is as follows.

1.Newark, New Jersey
2.Islamabad, Pakistan
3.Oakland, California
4.Luanda, Angola
5.Kuwait City, Kuwait
6.Lome, Togo
7.New Haven, Connecticut
8.Detroit, Michigan
9.Atlantic City, New Jersey
10.Tangier, Morocco

Pakistan is having all sorts of problems inside the country in the shape of terrorism, economic downfall, corruption and poverty. It is not doing well at international level as well. Its image as a state where terrorists harbor their plans and many famous leaders of Taliban are suspected to be present there is destroying the image of our country.

Now adding to the fuel, Islamabad is placed the 2nd most unfriendliest city of the world and it does not help improve the image of Pakistan in the eyes of international community. This is not we as a nation would love to be considered.

It really is the time when the Pakistani think tank should start thinking and make some strategy for the upcoming years to improve the impression in the eyes of international community.

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