King Khan Wants to Visit Peshawar with Family

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 10/12/2013)

King Khan Shahrukh Khan wants to visit Peshawar along with his family. Shahrukh Khan was born in Dehli but his father belonged to Pakistan and in Pakistan from Peshawar the capital city of Kyber Pukhtoon Khwa previously known as N.W.F.P, North Western Frontier Province.

Shahrukh Khan disclosed his desire in a meeting with Hina Rabbani Khar when Hina asked Shahrukh Khan to visit Pakistan and in reply Shahrukh Khan said that he love to be in Pakistan as his father belonged to Pakistan and he has visited Peshawar with his father when he was 15-16 years old. King Khan has wonderfull memories at Peshawar. He likes the hospitality of Pathan’s very much.

Shahrukh further said that he want to take his childern to Peshawar with him. Shahrukh Khan further elaborated that its he also visited Karachi and Lahore as well and it was one of the wonderful tours he had in his life. Shahrukh Khan father moved to India and there in Dehli Shahrukh Khan was born. Shahrukh Khan got married to a Punjabi girl Ghuri and their marriage was totally 100% love marriage. Shahrukh Khan loves his wife very much and they have 3 children.

Shahrukh Khan favours the friendship between India and Pakistan a lot and he worked in a movie Mai Hoon Na which also got instinct of friendship between both the countries. King has hopes and prays that both the governments should forget the previous issues and move forward and make great relationship with each other. He hopes that ties between both the countries end and both the countries together do some awesome works. King Khan also said that he got very much impressed by Hospitality of Pushtoons of  Peshawar.

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