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Kudi Tight by Adnan Sami Khan

(Last Updated On: 20/09/2013)

Kudi tight is new song by Adnan Sami. Adana Sami is a famous Pakistani singer. He is an also famous musician, pianist, actor and composer. He produced many songs and all are liked by people. He has good command over Indian, western pop and rocks. He is a Canadian citizen of Pakistan. He also has good command over jazz music.

He started his career from classically song and then he ranged his career from the Classical Music (Indian and Western) to Jazz to Modern Pop-Rock music. He started piano when he was in his teenage. He participated in many school shows and win many awards in his childhood. In his new song kudy tight he also adds some comedy. This song is from his new album press play. Table of this song is done by zakir Hussain. The cast of this song is done by Bharti. He has written many songs. There are many albums of Adan Sami in the market. He is especially liked by Indian people and his sung most of his songs in India with Indian actresses including in these are Rani Mukherjee, Dia Mirza, Ravenna Tendon and Ameesha Patel. In his previous album named tera chahra he also include the all these actresses and in new album he also include the same. However so much has been talked and written about singer Adnan Sami’s latest album Press Play. Just like his previous album tera chehra. Now Adnan Sami is confirmed a strong star cast for ‘Press Play’.

Kudi Tight by Adnan Sami Khan:


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