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Laila and Meera Candidates for Election 2013

Laila and Meera Candidates for Election 2013

The trend of super stars contesting for elections has now took boom in Pakistan, it started from hollywood when Arnold contested the elections and won then our neighbour India got the idea and Govinda, Dharmindar, Sanjay dutt and lots of other stars went to national assembly and now trend has reached Pakistan. Meera and laila are in the mood to take part in country Politics. Laila has found a easy way as she will be representing APML but she revelead that she wont be participating in the elections and will get a reserved womens quota seat. While meera will take part in the elections for the reserved seat for women in Punjab assembly. Zehra mother of Meera submitted her nomination papers. When Zehra was asked about the aims of the beautiful actress her answer was that she wants to work for the women in the country and will be specially working for education of women.

Meera will be representing a newly formed lawyers group known as Justice Party and will most probablly be contest from Lahore. Right now Meera is in India and it is expected that she will ask a press conference upon her arrival . Elections 2013 has really became more exciting and galmorous by having super stars in it. Lets see how much these two lovely actress will be followed and trusted by the nation.

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