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“Machi Ik pound di” Song by Singer of “One Pound Fish”

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 27/12/2013)

Its becoming more of a trend that come up with something abnormal and you will get fame but it doesn’t matter whether that fame is positive or negative. We have seen such steps from Veena Malik, Mathira and Tahir Ali Shah. In singing such step was taken by Shahid Nazir when he sung One pound fish and that song went viral everybody body watched that song as they wanted to see who sing such pathetic song and why?

But that song got a huge number of visitors on you tube and it was considered as a hit song. Looking to the success of One pound Fish, Tahir Ali Shah also came up with a song that had no sense and that was “eye to eye” this song became viral and laughing stock for everyone. But still it was considered as a hit song because it gave TV channels high TRP’s and gathered lots of viewers. But if we are talking about real entertainment that lacked in both the songs “One Pound Fish ” and “Eye to Eye”.

Singer of Eye to Eye was even treated very badly by Doctor Amir Liaqat on his show during Ramzan as he treated Tahir Ali Shah very badly and made fun of him in a live show. Now Shahid Nazir has once again came up with a song that can called part 2 of One pound fish but in Punjabi the name of the song is “Machi Ik pound di” and its music video has also been released. Lot of money have been invested on video of the song. Shahid Nazir will be expecting the same fame from this song which he got from One Pound Fish but it seems difficult because the concept is same and nothing new has been implemented in the song. Lets see what this song brings for Shahid Nazir.

 “Machi Ik pound di” Song:

"Machi Ik pound di"

“Machi Ik pound di”

 "One Pound Fish"

“One Pound Fish”

"Machi Ik pound di"

“Machi Ik pound di”


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