Mathira Harsh Comments About Shahid Khan Afridi

Mathira has also got the talent to be in news as she has now given very harsh comments about the favorite crickter of many cricket lovers across the world. She has criticised Afridi because the aggressive batsman have asked the producers of Main hoon Shahid Afridi for excluding the item song from the movie. In that song Mathira has performed as item girl and she really have mind that comments of Afridi and said that “Afridi has some problem in brain”. Well she really don’t have idea how fan following Afridi has got and that can be dangerous for her.

Mathira known for her bold talks and bold photo shoots said that she will never let this happen and will fight for her item song in this movie. Boom Boom Afridi urged  removal of obscene scenes and item song  from the most awaited movie “Main Hoon Shahid Afridi“. These scenes have been discussed in social media a lot after release of trailer of the movie. Afridi has strongly condemned these scenes and item song, Afridi said that he gave permission to the producers to use his name so that cricket lover and fans get good entertainment relating to cricket.

No doubt this movie will certainly will increase the craze of cricket and cricket fans will increase due to the movie. Afridi is afraid that such scenes will not be appropriate for his image as many families will go on to watch that movie and such scenes in movie will disappoint them as the movie is being made on the name of cricket not romance. The scene in which Humayon Saeed hugs and kisses Mahnoor Balouch is being criticized in social media and has spread like virus in social media. It is worth mentioning here that its the first movie that is being made on the name of a cricketer in Pakistan. Afridi is pretty hopeful that producers of the movie will remove those scenes from the movie.

Mathira also said that Afridi’s comments and demands represents mentality of certain sect of our society. Well lets see how Afridi responds to her right now the movie is released and boom boom is playing cricket in Zimbabwe.

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One Reply to “Mathira Harsh Comments About Shahid Khan Afridi”
  • iped
    04/09/2013 at 11:56 PM

    where on earth id u read that afridi is a fav. cricketer of fans from 'all over the world'….A POOR batsman, a showpiece, a pathetic cricketer…..a shampoo seller cricket cant be a fav. thing for any sensible person.
    Have u heard abt Lara, Viv, Bradman, Wasim, Waqar??????
    Get a life and write sensible stuff


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