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Mekaal Hasan Pakistani Musical Band

(Last Updated On: 13/03/2013)

Mekaal Hasan Band (MHB) is the well-known music band of the Lahore that is formed in 1999. This band was formed by the talented composer and songwriter Mekaal Hasan with the other people like Javed Bashir, Amir Azhar and Muhammad Ahsan Papu. The focus of the band is to create not only Sufi and rock style music but other styles of music like Jazz and classical music as well. The band made its debut album with name “Sampooran” in 2004 and through this album Mekaal Hasan has get lots of success as a leading vocalist of the band. After the first album, this band released their second album with name “Saptak” in 2010 and through this album band also get great response from the public. Through these two albums Mekaal Hasan actually noticed for his work for the mixing of classical music with the modern techniques.

Meekal Hassan Band Song maram and aabroo

Meekal Hassan Band Song Maram and Aabroo

The band has a won number of awards and also nominated a number of times for its videos, performances and for the recordings as well as for their east west style music as well. In 2012, MCB band released their third album with name “Andholan” and through this album band also shown their sense of music because they did their album in unique style. This album was also liked by the people especially youngsters. Recent news about the Mekaal Hasan Band is that the band is currently touring India in which they performed in New Delhi. To know more about the concerts schedules and about the recent news of band fans can visit on their fan page on Facebook.

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