Moin Khan’s Project Pakistan: Discovery of Hidden Beauty of Pakistan

A journey to discover the beautiful places of Pakistan
Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 27/07/2013)

Dargai Check Post

This post describes Moin Khan’s journey to find out beautiful places of Pakistan. This time the journey was taking them to the dreaded Dargai check post. Dargai check post is considered the one of the largest check posts in the Northwest areas and thorough inspections has made it famous. In order to visit this place and beyond, foreigners need special permits. Moin Khan had applied for these permits two months before this tour for his foreigner counterparts named Kyle and Michael but was told that since his companions had Pakistani visa on their passport so they do not need these kinds of permits and they were allowed to enter all areas in Pakistan. Moin Khan was hesitant to believe this but he had no other choice and after one hour of wait they were all allowed to pass through.

Before they reached the Dargai check post, Kyle’s bike was making some noises and they had to stop by a mechanic to fix it and during this break, Moin Khan entertained the foreigner guests with corn which was kind of special. It was baked in salt with wood burning underneath it.

Now the journey beyond the Dargai check post started and majestic mountain range started to show up. Although traffic was heavy but the scenery captured the visitors and they kept on enjoying it. Kyle and Michael had this all new experience and they kept showing thumbs up to nearby passing strangers who stared at them with amusement. They stopped by a shop to purchase some water and get their bike’s oil changed and after that was done, the mechanic denied to take any sort of payment as he stated

You are guests in our city, you don’t owe me anything.

This was a beautiful experience of Northern people’s hospitality and generosity.

Arrival to Chukyatan in District Dir

As the journey moved forward, the roads started to become smooth and better. The traffic was becoming less and roads were become twisty. Scenery started to become more beautiful and wonderful. The beauty reminded Michael of his Bay Area riding sessions as the clouds started to appear and evening time started to arrive. Light drizzle of rain started and soon turned into a heavy shower before it started to rain cats and dogs. Shelter was sought at Chukyatan and meal was enjoyed here as well. Kyle and Michael endorsed the meal later as well as the beauty of Chukyatan which is situated in District Dir. The unfortunate thing is that this area is considered a troubled area these days and they heard a loud bang or that shook the whole area and later it was discovered that it was a lightning bolt. Finally the journey ended and sleep time wrapped up the day’s journey.

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