Mufti Taqi Usmani Issued Fatwa on Afghan War and Pakistan Government

(Last Updated On: 31/10/2013)

Mufti Taqi Usmani has issued a Fatwa against the government for indulging it army with non-muslims to fight against its muslim brothers. Mufti gave this fatwa in a answer of query by a army General. The war against terrorism which Pakistan is fighting for USA was the main agenda. Many of Pakistan army men feel that fighting and killing their own brothers and sisters might not be right. Many Ulamas have also raised this issue and were very against the war against terrorism and specially the interest of Pakistan Goverment in helping killing other muslims.

This war against terrorism has really hurted Pakistan alot as it has created hate between the nations of Pakitan and Afghanistan.The time Pakistan has started to help out states in war agaisnt terrorism Pakistan itself became the most affected nation. About 45 thousand people got killed in Pakistan during last five years and all these 45 thousand people were victims terrorism and still more are getting killed on daily basis. Such huge number of killings in Pakistan has really made Pakistan unsecure.

The innocent victims of Afghan war enters Pakistan to take revenge of their families and becomes suicide bombers. Killing a human being is like killing humanity and one can imagine how much important a life of a muslim can be to other muslim . Mufti called it haram act of Pakistan government to take part in activities which involve killling of muslims. Not only muslims feel the injustice done to Afghan families but many US army officials left US army after when they saw killing of innocent people of Afghanistan.

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