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Mustufa Pervez Pakistani Singer


Mustufa Pervez is the music artist who born 25 Oct, 1990 in Hyderabad and he started producing music in his early age that shows the sense that he got as music producer. Basically, his field is medicine but he showed his talent in the music as well by creating some lovely music. In his early period of music, he formed a music band with his friends and did few live concerts as well.

In 2010, he released his debut track with the name “Doobgaya” on the internet with the help of his brothers. That particular song was viewed by the 100,000 people on the YouTube which give him the motivation to do other music tracks. After his first song, he also released other songs with the help of his brothers like Jaana, Bikhra and Kitna Yaad Aaya as well. All these songs were viewed over 50,000 people on YouTube at the time of releasing. These were also melodious songs which created a magnificent image about him. These songs releasing successful on the internet which gave him fan base and now he has a number of fans on the internet. He showed his passion for music for not only editing and directing his music videos but, also he showed his passion by doing acts in a number of his music videos as well which shows how talented he is.


Good thing about the Mustafa that he produced a number of his music tracks in original form and some of his songs have really a heart touch melody. Some of his inspirational music artists include Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Call, Noori, Green Day and Maroon 5 etc. He liked all these people due to their innovation in their music and he is also like to make his music like them. In Pakistan, in young generation he liked Bilal Khan, Qayaas and Abdullah Haris’s work and also he likes other few singles that coming from various parts of Pakistan. In the January 2013, he is now in the fifth year of MBBS and he creates a nice balance between the field of medicine and music. In the future, he likes to do work for the Coke Studio because he really inspired by the concept of this program. He is also trying to set up on his own studio at his home. Those who like Mustafa and his music then, they should visit his fan page on the Facebook where they can listen all of his songs with music videos and even download them as well.

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