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Nadia Khan’s Ex-Husband Claims Divorce Against Laws

Ex-husband of famous anchor and Pakistani drama actress Nadia Khan has hit the news with a claim that their divorce was not carried out under the laws of Islam. By this statement he certainly means that the divorce has not taken place and Nadia Khan still be regarded as his wife.

Nadia Khan got rid of her married life a while ago and she was concentrating on her career. But now this disturbing news must have put her under some sort of pressure.

Mr. Khawar Iqbal (husband or ex-husband of Nadia Khan) has challenged the divorce in Federal Shariah Court and full bench of the court has asked the applicant to present the point of view of all the sects regarding this issue.

Khawar Iqbal opined that a woman could not divorce her husband according to Islam. In this situation, Nadia Khan is the one who has divorced her husband.

Nadia Khan presented legal certificate copy in which she has been given the right that she can divorce her husband any time whether he is willing or not.

Panel of judges including Justice Shahzad Sheikh, Justice Fida Muhammand Khan, and Justice Arshad Jahangir seriously noticed it and next hearing is postponed for undisclosed period of time.

Earlier Arshad Kiyani Advocate presented the case of Khawar Iqbal and his stance was that Islam has not allowed any woman to divorce her husband.

Nadia Khan has two children, one son named Azaan and one daughter named Alizah. She got married to Khawar Iqbal in 2001. What an irony that most of Pakistan superstars who are enjoying a lot of name and fame do not have stable marital lives as the list of such superstars is growing very quickly.

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  1. Ofcourse Allah gives this right to man but in circumstances when a woman is not willing to continue marriage she should consult judiciary for get divorce

  2. Women are not given the authority to divorce in Islam.

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