Pakistan has ability to shoot down drones

On 3rd August, it was all over the news that an Indian drone has violated the airspace territory of Pakistan and has hovered over Sialkot sector for about 1 and a half minute.

US drones have been attacking Pakistani territories for the last few years and have killed many Pakistani citizens in addition to the terrorists. The major concern regarding US drone attack in Pakistani territory is that to kill one terrorist, lives of many Pakistani citizens are sacrificed.

Initially Pakistani Government gave the impression to the nation that US drone attacks in Pakistan are carried out without permission of the Government and since Pakistan do not possess such technology that can bring down a drone, therefore it was not possible for Pakistan to stop these attacks.

In recent times, it is revealed that rulers of the nation were lying and these attacks were part of the pact according to which US will provide financial aid to Pakistan and Government of Pakistan will allow them to attack on terrorist hideouts in Waziristan.

This raised a thought in the minds of many of us that whether Pakistan Army has the capability and technology required to bring down a drone or not?

This is a very important question because US is using drones for years now to attack Pakistan and now India is also using drone to spy Pakistani territory.

The statement of Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand who is a nuclear scientist and former Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission head in this regard gives answer to the question. According to him, Pakistan Army has the capability to shoot down US drone and he referred to a 2002 incident where an Israeli made Indian drone plane was shot down. He further said that F-16 fighter jets could be installed with such carriers that can shoot down any kind of drone predator. To support his argument, the statements of Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman can be read where he said many times that Pakistan can shoot down US drone aircrafts.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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