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Best Pakistani Dresses 2013

Pakistani Best Dress in 2013

Do you dream to look gorgeous, glamorous and glorious? Which is the very first thing that counts in making you look like a chic? What change can turn you into a fairy from haute couture at once? Of course, your attire! It is your apparel that has the magic of doing so. No matter how cute you are, how attractive your personality is, but if you don’t doll up nicely, your beauty is of no avail. Beauty cannot do anything but your clothing does! Pakistani is a culturally rich valley in which graceful fashion is loved and applauded. Pakistani fashion designers are globally recognized for their unique sense of fashion and ethereal sense of style. Pakistani fashion shows, textile mills, lawns are all worth their salts. They are always charming and cheering. They are celebrated for producing best of the best attires and garbs for young women and girls of elegance. “Best dress” is the one that is well-celebrated, liked and worn by all. It must have an extra feature of suiting each wearer; without the discrimination of color, status or standard.

And according to all these mentioned qualities, the best dress of 2013 in Pakistan is “Embroidered Long Shirts with Churidar/ trousers”. Embroidered Long Shirts fashion trend in Pakistan is indeed the best dress of 2013 because it has all the qualities of a best dress i.e. it is well-celebrated not only in Pakistan but also oversees. It is the women’s favourite attire whether it’s a party, formal function like Barat/valima, dinner, or any official conference or a casual hen- party, shopping fiesta or even a domestic affair. You will find them everywhere, in all shapes and all colors. Embroidered long shirts are even popular among well-known textile mills of Pakistan, as they all launched them in their new seasonal collections. There are some dresses that do not necessarily suit everyone. Take the example of short shirts; they do not suit girls with short heights, or chubby girls and women. But long shirts, do. They suit everyone and anyone. Similarly, there are some garbs that are chic, but there use is occasional. You cannot wear lehengas at offices or in conferences but embroidered long shirts have no issues at all. So embroidered long shirts are indeed ‘’Best Dress of 2013”.
Best Pakistani Dresses 2013:

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  1. wo today i get a great outfit idea from Webpk nice site

  2. loved your collection

    Please share Indian collection as well

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