Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers for Sale – Fact Report

This is a fact reveling report – published in 2013

You are young and peppy but alone. Want to make sizzling and beautiful friends,then what are you waiting for …We are here to meet your desire.Numbers of school, college and university Girls are available at very humble prize. Our contact number is……######!

An ad in the C class evening newspaper (Shaam ka Akhbar)

One of Circulated fake pic
One of Circulated fake pic on net

Cellular Phone is one of most used or abused bounty of modern science in Pakistan. Impetuous youth of Pakistan are enjoying the dream time.Cheap mobile packages and inexpensive mobile phones. Parents have no objection, they want to remain in touch with their children due to unstable situation of the country any mishap can happen at any moment.So the question of having a self phone in a unsuitable time is out of the equation.The cellular phone made life easier,there is no doubt about that.From Vendor to CEO of multinational farm using cellular phones.

If Mobile phones made life easier for every one than why i am wasting my words .The answer is plain you cannot understand how it is annoying and horrible to receive SMS and calls from unknown numbers offering you friendship generously.If you are a female I can bet on it, definitely you came across of this experience. The unknown self willing candidate will be very kind to you .The anonymous candidate of so called friendship will SMS you frequently (alas cheap SMS packages). Only good luck can rescue you from this cellular eve teasing.
Mostly these numbers are leak out from easy load shops.Your private numbers can be sold out between 10 to 100 rupees.From there these numbers will be available on any number provider agency (ironically naming).

Is there any way out of this irritating friendship offers. For sure there is one Government should kick out the mobile companies from the country.Ooh it is not possible it will increase the unemployment rate. The solution of this cellular eve teasing is that government should include the ethics of self phones use in the courses .Parents should ask them not to annoy anyone if he/she is not willing to be your friend…….!

Please DO NOT post your mobile numbers in this post. Read post first…!


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The above mentioned lines are borrowed from various websites designed to offer the said stuff and are replete with such components.

Since the day cellular companies step inside the threshold of Pakistan to establish their businesses, they started to introduce unique and lucrative packages for the users. As the competitions among various cellular companies are the major factors, each of them tries to come with cheap but effective offer for its users. Mostly, such packages include SMS bundles, Free minutes, Free calls (after a peculiar time period), Night Packages, etc.

The modernity and a kind of fantasy-filmy world in which we live today have a considerable impact on the mentality and tendency of our youth. Having mobile in hand, using social media, watching every sort of movie, obsessed by iconic movie stars, a young one – boy or girl – is desirous to have a friend of opposite gender. And some times, young ones are ridiculed by their mates at not having such friends.

Being lonely, mocked at, overwhelmed by movies, having access to internet, the vigorous youth desperately consults with Google to find them best mates with whom they can have chat frankly. There they stumble upon various sites providing Phone numbers of girls right away. Since the purpose was quite simple, the guys try to connect with those, especially, who attach their photos with their mobile numbers.

Although most of these numbers are Fake or Not in Use still some of them really belong to female. However, as a matter of fact, most of those responding girls intended to cheat the callers first by luring, intimidating, and seducing them and begin to loot the guys after entrapping them. Eventually, the guys longing for friendships find themselves into much trouble and it become a nightmare for them to have a loyal and sincere girl-friend.

And almost similar is the case with Girls, who fancy that there might be the one guy who would become their Dream-Hero (Khwaboo ka Shahzada), often get deceived. As a general observation, girls involve in such relations seem to be happy at but later findings narrate a story which is otherwise. Mostly, guys exploit such girls and play with their emotions, and ultimately desert them to be repent for the rest of their lives.

By virtue of modernity, mobile phone has become a part and parcel of our lives. Hence, parents do arrange mobile sets and connections for their children thinking that it will be helpful in their education and keeping in touch with them. However, as impulsive nature in humans plays its part, mostly young blood is found more inclined towards such activities which could be destructive for them.

So, the question is that how to convince these funky girls and guys to use these innovative gadgets and facilities in a productive way to make their lives much convenient and easier? Should such sites be blocked? Should cellular phones and connections be sold only to professionals?

As a matter of fact, everything has its pros and cons and it depends on the user that how he/she uses it. So, it should be the responsibility of parents and teachers to play their part in educating the young blood about the usage and misusage of technology and everything that might affect their lives directly or indirectly. Besides, there should be a check and balance by the concern authorities on what is happening around.