Poor Response by Pakistani Media to Waar Movie

Bilal Lashari’s waar has really got huge round of applause from every one who watched that movie. The movie proved to be a mega success or it won’t be wrong to say that it is the most successful Pakistani movie ever. The mega success of the movie wasn’t covered by the media the way to should have been covered.

This movie deserved more appreciation from the media unfortunately our media didn’t gave the movie the respect it deserved.  Bilal really have shown his class in the movie and had given a great message to Pakistani peopleand that is not to lose hope and believe in yourself. The movie haven’t have any scene that has to gain any political support both locally and internationally. Waar beautifully covers the current situation of Pakistan.

This movie has literally dragged people out to cinemas and has proved that Pakistani people doesn’t go out to watch vulgarity in movies. It really has been a strong answer to Indian anti Pakistani movies however it didn’t had any anti Indian ingredient but the movie fame has spread like fire all over the Indian Media. Ram Gopal Verma has appreciated Bilal Lashari by saying that “i would love to work as assistant “.

Waar has it all, while watching it one can’t differentiate either it is a Hollywood movie or Lolly wood. It has proved to be a come back of Pakistani cinema.  This movie would have done much much better if media had given it the importance it deserved due to its class although it already have broken all the records.

Faisal Sardar

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