PSG’s Late Fight back stuns Barcelona

The highly anticipated first round Quarter Finals clash between Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain proved to be an engrossing affair as PSG twice broke Millions of hearts by equalizing through nerve shattering goals.

The high profile clash was made an even more grandiloquent affair as David Beckham starred in the starting eleven. PSG maintained incredible pressure over the Spanish Giants for the first thirty minutes but it was Lionel Messi who scored first to set up the contest around the 40th minute mark.

Messi , however, could not be credited any more than Dani Alves, whose Curled shot infiltrated the defense to provide Messi a clear shot. Messi, as if a routine, drilled it low and left of Sirgui to become the highest goal Scorer of Champions League.

Febregas replaced Messi after the latter pulled a hamstring in the second half, and immediately made an impression by orchestrating a well-directed cross only for Sanchez to flounder the opportunity via a weak shot at the goal.

PSG, though,   hit back with Consecutive corners and a Free kick just outside the box which yielded the equalizer. Menez’s Shot was headed into the bar post only to be rebounded and headed into the net by Ibrahimovic, who was clearly off side.

With only a minute remaining, Sirigui attempted a dreadful challenge on Sanchez inside the box, and the referee duly awarded the penalty. Xavi had little problems in taking Barcelona to the lead again.
PSG, showing such indomitability which will make their fans proud, kept struggling in the added four minutes before Mituidi scored an improbable goal in the very last seconds of the game partly due to a deflection off Barta. Barcelona was stunned. PSG, however, had plenty to celebrate.

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