PTCL Announces One Year Internship Jobs 2013

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 30/10/2013)

When a fresh Engineer, graduate, MBA and diploma holder doesn’t get a job after all the hard work that he had done over several years to get highly qualified then that individual gets frustrated and that leads to many damages to the society. One of the major disadvantage of such situation is increase in crime rate. To avoid such situation Government and government organizations must play its part and in this regard PTCL has played its part by offering paid intern ships.

PTCL after passing out first intern ship badge of 500 students have once again announced 500 more intern ships for year 2013-14. Its really very practical step from PTCL as would not only give students to confidence but also gives them work experience which is requirement of every company. The intern ships are for fresh graduates, engineers, MBA’s and diploma holders. In the same manner other government organizations should also schedule such procedures which targets the benefits of fresh graduates.

As such projects would increase the thirst of education and more an more people will invest in the education of their children. Some sects of our society thinks that its very intelligent to set-up business for their children rather than to waste money on their education because they are aware that its very hard to find jobs. So such steps are very useful in encouraging the education in Pakistan. The duration of  intern ship program offered by PTCL is of one year. The internship is designed in a way that polishes the capabilities of the fresh individuals and get them ready for future challenges in jobs.


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Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan.
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