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PTI 90 days performance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Imran Khan before 11th May 2013 General Elections claimed that PTI will bring change in 90 days. 90 days of PTI Government in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa completed on 31st of August 2013. It is time to judge the 90 days performance of PTI.

PTI promised that austerity in running the state affairs will be coupled with putting a stop on the misuse of state resources by the government institutions. No minister even Chief Minister will use the official protocol. There was only one incident where Chief Minister used helicopter specified for official purposes for his personal use. He was forced to make the payment for the fuel. This way an example was set for the top political leadership and the bureaucracy itself. This clearly showed that PTI is following a zero tolerance policy against the misuse of the precious state resources. Media also did not find any such news after this incidence.

Top level corruption was also a major target of PTI. It is notable to say that not a single scandal has been raised on scene till yet. All the media is focused on the KP government and could not find any corruption scandal in progress. PTI has put a stop to any kind of corruption scandal and implemented Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance.  According to this law any citizen can request the government to via paper or email to be provided with information regarding chief minister secretariat, governor secretariat, lower courts, KP legislature and even private bodies that are funded by the government and private bodies that provide public services.

The applicant is not required to disclose any reason for getting all this information. Surprise raids on different government institutions were a very huge step taken forward to curb the corruption and inefficiency of the staff. Earlier governments failed to curb the corruption and inefficiency of the institutions by traditional methods.

Accountability bill has been drafted and it is open for public comment. This will soon be translated as law. According to the accountability bill, an independent accountability commission will be formed that will be able to hold even its chief executive accountable.

Education and health sector reforms are given importance by allocating huge amount of funds for these sectors. This shows that PTI is serious about improving these sectors big time. Health reforms package has been approved that will give autonomy to the hospitals on UK pattern and special focus has been put on mother and child healthcare. Another brilliant step has been the launch of mobile lady doctor service in order to provide health services in remote areas of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.

Education reforms package has also been approved according to which a uniform curriculum will be introduced in all schools and colleges of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Introduction of biometric attendance system is another brilliant step towards making sure that teachers’ attendance system can be regulated. In order to build schools and furnishing them with all the required facilities is another of the efforts that PTI is making. In this regard PTI is working hard to involve overseas Pakistanis into this project.

In order to make new universities that maintain international standards is currently in the pipeline and PTI is consulting the experts on this issue. Public-private partnerships in this regard are also under consideration.

Local government system was another of PTI’s promise and the KP government has already prepared the final draft and salient features of this draft are open for the public to debate.

Elections based on different parties at district and tehsil level, making village councils which will be empowered to resolve petty issues, decentralisation of education management, health and police all these steps are the measures which will function as catalyst to the change procedure that PTI has promised to the nation.

Online FIR system has been established and it is just like a dream come true for the KP public. 309 online complaints during the 90 days were registered. 44 were converted into FIRs and there were some decade old cases that were resolved just by online complaints. Mobile courts were introduced that helped increase the speed of justice provision to the general public.

Land record computerization and Peshawar Mass Transit System along with micro-hydal projects are just a few of the examples of the projects that the PTI has inline. Although PTI is far from perfection in 90 days but the start is great and we are all looking forward to a glorious end to the 5 years of PTI government in KPK.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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