Quake Gwadar Island – Pictures & History

Today we have many challenges of the earthquake in the different regions of the Pakistan like Quetta and Karachi. And there with an unpredictable an uncontrollable loss of the lives and property by this earthquake. However our scientists are working to manage the under earth conditions about earthquake. Scientists are working to estimate the future conditions of the earthquake so that they can even save the lives of people. The Sites of greatest hazard by earthquake are being identified and definite progress is being made in designing structures that will withstand the effects of earthquakes.Experts are suggesting this quake island unlikely to last.Experts also say in 1945 quake also produced islands in Pakistan by GUtech scientists.

The island of Gwadar is popped soon after the earthquake. The island of Gwadar is stationed about a half kilometers away from the coastline. It is the third time in the history of Baluchistan that such phenomena exits on the land and causes an explosion to a larger extent. In 1999 and in 2011 there is earthquake two kilometres from the surface of the makran coastal and where the Hingol River drains into the sea. Both these islands are destroyed to a large extent by earthquakes and there are also many other natural problems because it is the area near the sea and a small pressure in the sea water cause folds even and wind like cases. In 1945 there was also a high earthquake and the symptoms are still there are all also I not still compensate completely. Dr Asif Inam, who is the Principal Scientific Officer of the National Institute of Oceanography, said that, The Island of gawadar appears to be about 200 meters long, 20 meters high and 100 meters wide. He said that there is a need of all the information to verify scientifically. He said that we will soon update the people after getting detailed information about earthquake and we will also collect the samples.

He further said that an NIO team from Karachi will visit the site of the earthquake According to scientists, the makran coastal belt is reported to be the reserve of frozen methane gas that exists in the form of gas hydrates. And this gas is present hundreds of meters below the sea surface and whenever an extensive pressure at the surface of sea exists and the surface is pressurized than automatically the gas suppresses and it emerges towards the surface and a dome like structure is created ta the surface and earthquake occurs. According to Dr Inam the samples those are collected from differ portions of the sea and water surface when these samples are tested it is concluded that the three gases are methane, ethane, propane and butane many kilometers below the surfaces. He said that all these points are estimated microbiologically and it is found that the methane gas is present. An earthquake is one of the largest phenomena that contains many severe effects when it occurs and even after effects. The affected lands cannot fertilize till many years until the gaseous particles of methane are not and from the surface.

Gwadar Quake Island Video

Gwadar Quake Island Pictures


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