Rs. 72 Million Worth E-Tickets Stolen From PIA

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 21/08/2013)

We remember few weeks back a hacker hacked the website of Sindh Government and several banks as well just to indicate how lame and weak security of our very sensitive institutes are. But no one learnt lesson from it and now its Pakistan International Air Line that became the victim of cyber crime as E-Tickets worth of 72 Million rupees are stolen from it. Its a shocking news for any country that its air line is already in a huge loss, everyday we hear humongous numbers on media relating to the loss of Pakistan Air line.

According to a newspaper the fly agents are involved in this matter but if one logically think than its very hard to apprehend that are the fly agents so much technical that they can find out loop holes in website and than exploit it. Surely a hacker or a team of hackers is involved in it. According to the stats five thousand five hundred and fifty seven tickets have been stolen from website and these tickets were of various international flights. Some experts have opinion that it is not possible without the involvement of PIA staff.

According to another source these tickets were stolen from the website and were then sold at low rates which had benefited both the thief and the buyer. Its an alarming news for all the sensitive institutes to remove the bugs and security loopholes from their websites as it would lead to a big loss. Well such events not only lead to financial loss to a institution but it also brings down the image of that institution as it losses its trust.

Very strong measures are needed to be taken in this regard so that organizations and institutions are secured from such cyber crime that leads to financial loss. These institutes needs to hire some extra ordinary IT experts to deal with such problems.

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