Samsung Galaxy S4 with Ufone

Ufone is alwys trying to take a step forward from others in terms of technology and offers. This time again it has stunned its subscribers by introducing them a super-fantastic idea. The idea is to buy Samsung Galaxy S4 from Ufone and get a lot of advantages like unlimited talk-time, sms and internet for a full month. Now you could enjoy with the new dazzling Samsung Galaxy S4 and explore the world via it without getting a dent on your pocket. But the question is what is Samsung Galaxy S4 and why to purchase it from ufone? And the answer is simple, it’s a miracle of technology.
Marvels of technology are not hidden from anyone nowadays. It has made our lives easy and enjoyable in all fields. Take the example of mobile phones. When the first mobile phone arrived some forty years ago, who would have imagined that this apparantly just a communication device would become as important as food one day.

Now no hand is empty without a cell these days. As it is not limited to calls and text sending only rather a vast panorama of applications are included as its significant features. The first ever phone used to charge in ten hours and had a battery timing of thirty-five minutes only.
Imagine yourself to be charging your darling phones for ten hours and then just after thirty five minutes its dead again. No not possible. Technology has invented phone with battery timing of thirty days even. It is no more a gadget for talking and texting; rather there are one hundred and one usages of mobile phones and are still improving with the passage of time.
For instance, this brilliant Samsung Galaxy S4 the magical device, I should rather say. It is the latest cellular phone which has amazed all of us with modern mesmerizing “Air Gesture” technology and brilliant “Group Play”.
Samsung Galaxy S4 is not a passive device like other cells but it could be manipulated with either your hand waving or eye winking.

Ahmad A.R

Ahmad A. is professional I.T guru and Blogger from Pakistan and he hold Computer Sciences degree from LUMS and serves many multinational organizations. His technology review remain quite popular in past. He holds Masters Degree in Computer Science from Leeds University, United Kingdom.

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